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Proactive protection
against malware

Our products


For businesses and government agencies

Protection against viruses, hacker attacks, information leakage
9 products

For ATMs and bank front office

Protection of ATMs, payment terminals and bank front office
3 products

SysWatch Workstation

Effective endpoint protection against all types of malware and vulnerability exploits without the need for signature updates

SysWatch Workstation PLUS

Effective protection of endpoints against all types of malware and vulnerability exploits. It includes antimalware scanner to ensure a clean system prior to determining a baseline known-good state

Enterprise Suite

Enterprise Suite protects the entire IT environment: documents, applications, system resources, the use of USB ports and devices, user activities, analyzing every event that occurs on the network

Enterprise Suite PLUS

All the endpoint protection capabilities of the Enterprise Suite plus a best-of-breed antimalware scanner to ensure clean systems prior to determining baseline known-good states and establishing system profiles


WebServer is the newest security system designed specifically for the protection of corporate websites and web servers

SoftControl for Windows XP Embedded

Monitoring the devices’ software integrity in operating system with limited functionality: ATMs, POS terminals, medical equipment, automated processes control


TPSecure protects ATMs, POS systems, kiosks and other electronic self-service devices against unauthorized data access and software changes by service personnel or hackers.

TPSecure Teller

A special version of TPSecure Teller is designed to protect workstations front office. Using TPSecure Teller allows you to build an effective system of protection against external and internal threats


SafenSoft TPSecure provides with PCI DSS Compliance
Banks issuing payment cards and involved into interaction with at least one of the payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover have to be in compliance with the PCI DSS standards. Certification is held annually and it is expected that the bank has 100% matching criteria.