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Financial Services Cybersecurity

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Data Security in Financial Services

Significant financial assets always attract all criminals. Financial data in digital form is the most popular target for cybercriminals. Unlike cyberattacks on industrial critical infrastructure, attacks on banks and financial institutions are carried out without ideological reasons. Thus, banks are always under attack at all levels of their IT infrastructure and anywhere in the world.

We help banks and financial institutions to establish information security system to keep confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in conditions of severe targeted and mass malware attacks and unfair actions of insiders.

To minimize financial and reputational risks it is necessary to protect servers, PCs, front office terminals, ATMs.

It is important to remember that just one vulnerability exploited by an attacker can lead to successful cyberattack. Financial services are interconnected, the chain of single attacks that do not pose an immediate danger in each particular case can successfully penetrate critical systems.

A bank's information security system should not protect only the bank's IT perimeter. It should protect software environments against unauthorized modifications and carry out detailed logging of all actions within the system in order to timely respond to intrusion attempts.

The number of devices that can be used to steal financial data or intercept control over the system is extremely large. Be aware that it is not enough to protect only ATMs, POS and ITMs of your bank. All retail outlets that may use your bank's plastic card are potential threats unless their cash registers are protected by specialized security software. Protecting banking information is the task for entire financial industry not for an individual organization. While choosing partners for your business pay attention to whether they have a full-fledged information security system from SafenSoft.