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IT Industry

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Cybersecurity in IT Industry

Information technology companies possess and develop digital assets. This type of assets hugely depends on information security. During the Second World War the important task was the protection and security of information, its preservation from enemy intelligence departments. Today the future survival of the technological companies in competitive environment depends on their approach to digital security.

The costs of software developing significantly exceeds the costs of industrial espionage. There will be someone who wants to save money. Successful intrusion into a developer’s database can give attackers ideas how to attack all users of the company. Developer’s database can reveal existing vulnerabilities and ways to attack in the software products program code. In technological companies information security system must preserve the data used in the work and prevent the invading via vulnerabilities in its technological solutions. This becomes especially important when the customers are large financial or government agencies targeted by cybercriminals and cyberterrorists.

Unfortunately, bugs and vulnerabilities are found in any software. To solve this problem specialized security solutions were created to ensure the security of the entire system as a whole, regardless of the software used in it. The division of labor between manufacturers of different types of products has allowed modern computers to achieve higher levels of efficiency and security, but the reactive approach to protecting information technology used in recent decades is outdated.

Popular AV-based security software solutions cannot protect an organization against targeted attacks that exploit new vulnerabilities. SafenSoft technologies prevents multi-vector and multi-component professional hacking attacks as well as mass threats PRIOR intrusion the host. It monitors and blocks information leaks by employees and provides files integrity monitoring.

SafenSoft solutions are suitable for protecting data of technological companies. SafenSoft solutions are nice for integration into existing technological solutions as a security component designed to protect the computer using this solution against attacks on both individual data elements and the entire system or network as a whole.