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Protecting access to information

Software protection of information is a system of special programs included in the software that implement information protection functions. The security software code can act either separately, as a separate security software product, or be included in other multifunctional programs in order to protect the data they process or protect themselves from malicious code. Since the protective functions of multifunctional programs often do not even have significant means of self-defense and, by definition, lose out to specialized security software, any significant computer system requires the deployment and full integration of information security software on all or at least the most vulnerable elements of the system.

Information security software tools are divided into types as follows:

  • Access control
  • Anti-keyloggers
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-exploiters (anti-subversion)
  • Anti-modifiers (anti-tampering)
  • Antiviruses
  • Encryption
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Sandbox

Software protection of information should not be confused with computer protection from unauthorized use or computer network protection, despite the fact that their functions overlap in many ways. When using this approach, the information itself is protected, whether it is an operating system, specialized software or a certain document in digital form. At the same time, such protection is divided into data protection and program protection.

Full-fledged software protection of information on a server or work computer requires the use of various types of security programs or specialized security solutions that combine several types of protection at the same time.

For example, it is important to understand that the currently prevailing antivirus approach, which usually combines antiviruses, anti-spyware, anti-exploiters and anti-modifiers, is insufficient against targeted attacks, since it is based on comparing the program code with the malicious code signatures available from the manufacturer. The possibility of using behavioral analysis, which is available in some cases, also does not guarantee the safety of data and the preservation of the system's operability. Similarly, access control by itself is not able to guarantee the use of programs and data exclusively by persons who have the right to do so, since in addition to software vulnerabilities, this type of protection can be "uncovered" by conventional social engineering without using high-tech methods of attack in principle. Intrusion detection systems can help with the subsequent investigation of the incident, but without intrusion prevention systems, the damage sustained during the attack may be too serious for an investigation to be necessary in principle. Data encryption can help against attempts to steal this data, but it will not stop an attacker who wants to destroy this data.

Similar disadvantages of highly specialized protection can be found in any combination of a small number of similar types of information security software, so protection should always be based on a variety of parallel and often overlapping algorithms. When using several solutions, this is fraught with internal conflicts in the system, so the most logical conclusion is the use of integrated security systems that use most of the mentioned types of information protection to protect data, protect programs and self-protect against intrusion, copying, modification and destruction.

All SafenSoft security software solutions have a modular structure and a single management server, which guarantees the possibility of full integration into the most complex IT infrastructure of the organization, while protecting precisely those areas of the system that are least protected. Compatibility with already installed third-party security solutions eliminates the standard dilemma of building a secure infrastructure about choosing a particular solution manufacturer, which guarantees the most objective assessment of the effectiveness of our products from customers who have used our information security services in their organizations.

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