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Information security solutions

How do products of SoftControl help to decide specific issues of information security? In this section you can see the examples of using products of SoftControl for different spheres. Choose the interesting section and learn more.

Commercial Companies Cybersecurity

The examples of using products of SoftControl for Information security of the commercial organizations. Solutions for Information security business. Proactive protection against breaking by hackers, malicious codes, insider threats. Control and monitoring the staff. Solutions for complexes APCS and specialized software. Centralized management of security.

Financial Services Cybersecurity

The policy of information security of banks: SoftControl’s solutions for protection of the bank’s infrastructure. Solutions for protection of software of ATMs, front-office and back-offices. Protection of banking e-documents. Protection of business correspondence and confidential data transmitted to recipients by e-mail as attachments. Compliance with the requirements of PCI DSS and the Central Bank of Russia.

Information security in the government and department organizations

Solutions SoftControl for the private sector. Protection of the information environment of the enterprises from external and internal threats. The control of integrity of data. Centralized management of information security. User activity control. Protection of e-documents and a correspondence by e-mail. Protection from hackers, spyware and insiders.

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