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Partner Programs


The SafenSoft Partner Program provides comprehensive support for the sale, management and implementation of SafenSoft software products to your customers.

SafenSoft partner program participants get the opportunity to offer advanced technological solutions in the field of information security to their customers and increase their profits.

As part of the SafenSoft partner program, our clients have the opportunity to participate in promotion programs, joint marketing campaigns, receive prompt technical support and advice from highly qualified specialists.

Authorized Partners

GMS company ( was founded in 1978 in Equador and pioneered in the IT-consulting of this country. The company is also present in other Latin America countries, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia. Numerous GMS achievements in the fields of distribution and integration of all modern digital services ranging from IP telephony to information security solidified company’s leading positions in the region which is reflected by many awards and solid partnerships with IT market leaders.

Digital Assure Limited ( is the digital assurance services unit of the West African foremost Data Recovery and Computer Forensic Service company, Data Recovery Specialist Limited (, founded in 2006, with accreditation to exclusively operate and carry on its professional services as part of the Globally Networked Business offices of the world renowned, World-Best Repair & Service Company; Myung Information Technologies Co., Ltd., Korea. Having successfully run the very first technical ATM Fraud and Investigation training in 2010 in Nigeria, and with the expansion of its professional services to proffer world class solutions to the emerging and ever threatening cyber criminals facing the financial services industry, Digital Assure Limited has now been appointed by Safe 'N Sec Corporation, Moscow-Russia, as the Exclusive Authorised Partners (Nigeria) to market, sell, install, and support the range of SafenSoft Specialised ATM and Self-service Security Solutions. Digital Assure Limited has a highly trained and experienced technical team that will seamlessly deploy and support SafenSoft array of solutions in Nigeria, the team shall also be actively and ceaselessly supported by the Global Office Support team to ensure Nigerian clients access the best possible technical support thus achieving zero downtimes on SafenSoft Solution deployments, and such derive full value for money from the security investment. For your ATM/Self-Service Security Solutions, please call: Bolanle O. Omotoso, 0803-5639710.

Channel Partners

VARs and system integrators will find much of value in the SafenSoft product line. If you’re already moving your customers from a total reliance on signature-based protection to whitelisting and other newer approaches, SafenSoft Enterprise Suite products would be an ideal addition to your portfolio; customers can continue to have the comfort-factor of traditional protection while gradually shifting to greater reliance on whitelisting, sandboxing, and behavioral analysis techniques.

If you are a reseller, integrator, or distributor specializing in financial services and other vertical markets where unattended devices play a significant role, such as ATMs and e-voting systems, TPSecure offers a great opportunity to challenge traditional suppliers with a field-proven solution.

Distributors with large scale partnership network always get additional opportunities to raise the profits. Marketing and technical support within SafenSoft partnership program let you smoothly distribute SafenSoft advanced technological solutions in channels.

All SafenSoft channel partners receive extensive product training, comprehensive marketing and pre/post-sales technical support, and the opportunity to participate in incentive programs.

For more information on how to join the SafenSoft channel partner program, send us an email at with your proposal.


SafenSoft VIPO technology is designed with the OEM market in mind. For hardware or software producers in the unattended-device market (ATMs, POS systems,eVoting systems), TPSecure offers an ideal opportunity to add built-in security to your offerings; the technology can be extensively customized for individual requirements. SafenSoft Enterprise Suite is an ideal complement to datacenter, ERP, and virtual environment deployments. SysWatch Personal will enhance standalone hardware offerings by ensuring systems ship in a baseline known-good state – no more unintentional factory-added benefits.

Every agreement is customized to your requirements and individually priced. Full training and engineering support is provided throughout the integration process, and second-level support is available on an ongoing basis.

For more information on how your business can benefit from the integration of SafenSoft technology, please contact us at with your proposal.


If you’re interested in making SafenSoft’s consumer products available through your website, we operate an affiliate program through element5. Our affiliates enjoy a minimum 20% commission rate, as well as a comprehensive library of graphics, banner ads, and other sales support materials as well as free trial product downloads.

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