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WebServer is the newest security system designed specifically for the protection of corporate websites and web servers. The software package WebServer is a modular intrusion prevention, control and maintain the integrity of the operating system and server software, as well as control of satisfactory operation of the website.
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Product Description

Today attackers have the broadest arsenal of methods of unauthorized use of the Web sites and techniques of penetration into the information network of organizations. Much of the most dangerous ways of hacking sites is based on the exploitation of vulnerabilities in operating systems and server software. Due to the fact that the software and hardware of the web servers are constantly changing, track and provide «patch» on every hole is simply impossible - in this respect, attackers have the unqualified advantage. However, what if a successful attack will not lead to the desired change in the operation of the site or server? WebServer does not fight the affected site or the server software, and counteracts the effects of the operation of such vulnerabilities. Attacks using malware (Trojans, viruses, worms), attempts to introduce elements of the code («injection»), attacks on installed on the server software and operating system simply do not work. Remain futile attempts to modify files or registry. WebServer prevents unauthorized changes and keeps the system and the site is in good, fully functional condition.

Why WebServer?

WebServer is a server (host), Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS). Experts and analysts agree that the server location of intrusion detection and prevention is much more effective network location, as they provide a higher level of access and control of the web server. The effectiveness of a properly configured system HIPS in the fight against malware and intrusion attempts is close to 100% - a figure unmatched among the entire spectrum of technologies countering cyber crime. WebServer stripped classical and lack of HIPS-HIDS-systems - an attacker can’t disable protection when penetrating to the server, as WebServer has developed a system of self-defense.

At the heart of WebServer is a patented technology for proactive protection VIPO (Valid Inside-Permitted Operations), which contains advanced machinery for the «white» / «black» lists of users and applications, as well as a dynamic «sandbox» - the environment for the safe running suspicious executable code.

Protect website from hackers

Protecting software environment the web server and the blocking of any suspicious activity is accompanied by a series of protective measures to save the Web site in good condition and protect sensitive information to which access can be gained through the penetration of the site. WebServer allows you to protect your web server and the web site of the enterprise from the full range of typical threats from cyber criminals, such as, for example:

  • Download the executable code
  • Downloading executables that are not included in the list of trusted
  • Unauthorized execution of OS commands
  • Disclosure of information
  • Modification of Site
  • Changing the configuration of the server

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