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The Information security of a back office and a front office of the banks


A back office and a front office of the banks are the integral components of their organizational structure. Their information environment closely intertwines and it is interrelated by hundreds various operations and business processes. The policy of security of any bank means existence of the most modern protection of staff’s workplaces of both divisions. But is it so simple to create full protection to such multifunctional organism?

Now there are three major threats to the information environment in the banks – there are malware and viruses, malicious employee activity and directed cyberattacks on the corporate data network.

Conventional anti-virus software is no longer able to provide information security in the bank fully. And if with malware and viruses they are fighting more or less successfully but they can’t be effective yet to protect from malicious actions of targeted attacks.

Modern information threats ask the modern protection from them. And the line of SoftControl’s products provides the banks of the highest level of information security and meets all the requirements of the standard security policy of the bank.

TPSecure Teller is a security solution for back-office and front-office bank. Its implementation provides a data integrity control in the bank and protection from external threats (targeted attacks by hackers and malware protection and anti-virus), protection from internal threats (malicious actions of the staff of the bank). Protection from internal threats is due to the introduction of the module DLP Guard, responsible for overseeing the actions of the staff in the workplace related to banking information and module E-Mail, is responsible for the safe and mailing correspondence protected file attachments via e-mail within the bank and outside the perimeter of its information security.

The most important advantage of the banking product line SoftControl is the centralized management, remote monitoring, administration and ensuring the highest level of security of the bank with a single software vendor. It makes easy to integrate the products into the IT infrastructure of the bank, train staff to work with them, reducing the cost of information security not spend on buying solutions from several different vendors.