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Safe’n’Sec excellent results in PC Welt test


PC Welt online - German respected computer and technical resource - has conducted testing of Intrusion Protection 2007 Pro (Safe’n’Sec kernel inside) with an excellent result (Overall rating 1,6 which is “very good” result in German scale).

Review: Intrusion Protection 2007 Pro

By Andreas Marx
26.07.2007, 08:30 a.m.

Intrusion Protection 2007 Pro as a pro-active protection solution is aimed to protect the computer particularly against unknown malware. Behind this tool is the security solution of Safe’n’Sec. We have tested integrated anti-virus scanner as well.


The handling is kept pretty simple so that also inexperienced users can handle any option. The shown messages are adequate meaningful and easy to understand. The program checks all applications for suspicious behaviour and blocks these critical changes. The pro-active identification of viruses, worms and other virtual malware gains more and more importance. Anti-virus products based on reactional mechanisms have a hard time with the multitude of new malware since they have to update permanently adapted signatures.


However, in order to be able to scan the whole computer for infected files on demand the manufacturer integrated the anti-virus scanner. Wildlist-malware is overlooked: in the test this scanner overlooked some malware currently listed in the Wildlist ( An inspection, if Intrusion Protection 2007 Pro at least inhibits the malware execution shows that all malicious functions were blocked completely. With only the respective reaction to the shown message all malware attempts to get onto the computer failed.


The self-protection of the software works flawless. This is especially important as most of modern malware immediately tries to disable any kind of security software right from the start. Via the included process explorer one is always up to date with the running tasks. These can be scanned separately, on demand, by the virus-scanner or can be provided with one’s own rules. Inexperienced users though should be very careful with these rules as imprudent constructed rules can make the computer unusable.


Conclusion: Intrusion Protection 2007 Pro as pro-active variant was able to convince in the test.


Scan-performance (50%): Rating 1,5
Functions (20%): Rating 1,5
Service/Support (15%): Rating 2,0
Handling (10%): Rating 1,5
System requirements (5%): Rating 2,5
Overall Rating: 1,6

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